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Custom doesn’t mean complicated. Sometimes it’s as easy as just choosing a gemstone and a chain.

And here is a great example. Our customer came in looking for a rose quartz necklace, something simple, yet interesting. Having a jeweler on-site we offered her to create one))

There is nothing more exciting than looking through gemstones and this faceted elongated briolette really spoke to her! Next- we laid out chains in different styles & sizes next to the gem to see which combination would work the best. This silver chain was just perfect: elongated links complimented gem’s shape and textured style of links brought that “something interesting” to the necklace. 1h later it was ready for pick up)

Our customer left happy and excited to come back to make a pair of earring out of smaller matching briolettes she fell in love with while browsing our gem vault.
Big or small, we take up on all projects! 🤗 If there is something you can’t find, let us make it!

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